VStation 賜院友一對翼看世界

Problem to solve

Long-term living in the hospital, the outside colorful world is very attractive; for people with disabilities and chronic diseases, suffering from the suffering of the disease, to reduce such painful is already a dream; for children living in hospitals, suffering from missing feeling of friends and family and so on.
In this society, we always ignore these helpless groups.

長期住在醫院的院友來說,外面多姿多彩的世界無比的吸引, 對於殘疾人士和慢性疾病患者,承受病魔的煎熬的痛苦,若能減輕疼痛已是幸福; 對於住在醫院的小朋友,思念朋友家人的情緒等等。 社會上,我們總是忽略這群無助,無奈的人士。


Our vision is to help persons with disabilities and chronic diseases to release stress and reduce pain through the state-of-the-art technology, virtual reality (VR).

We provide VR solution through a smartphone and virtual glasses for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases and elderly people. A series of Chinese contents for different local groups, for example, for small children who miss their parents, their best buddies, though VR we bring back them to home: for young people, immersive and interactive game able to “look around” and with high quality VR contexts; moreover, with the latest in 360 video technologies including audio and sounds to bring elderly people discover the world.

Finally, we hope to draw public attention to understand persons with disabilities and chronic diseases also elderly people’s need.

我們的願景是通過最先進的技術虛擬現實, 幫助院友中的殘疾人和慢性疾病釋放壓力並減輕疼痛。

我們通過智能手機和虛擬眼鏡為本地殘疾人士, 慢性疾病患者和老年人提供VR方案。 製作一系列中文內容,例如,對於想念父母和朋友的小孩子,我們把他們帶回家; 對於年輕人來說,沉浸式而有趣的VR互動遊戲其中“環顧四周”。 此外,最新的360視頻技術,帶領長者探索世界。


  • 透過視覺聽覺感官刺激,加入治療元素,例如與人互動,肢體遊戲,放鬆心情,減少痛楚。
  • 長者大多是機能衰退,在安全的情況下,模擬進行各種認知訓練。
  • 模擬運動場景,刺激大腦對身體做出相應的活動,也讓身體慢慢的重新回到大腦的控制,成效比單做康復訓練要高。
  • 改善生活質量,不再局限於一個住宅,房間,甚至是一張床。
  • 解決傳統康復的局限性,節省人力,康復醫學新的發展方向。

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